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How to Cut a Sweatshirt, Sewing a Sweatshirt & DIY Sweatshirts

Posted on May 06 2020

How to cut a Sweatshirt?

A unique, chic sweatshirt is perfect for going out on any day. You can even wear it when you are at home, doing your chores or relaxing. While you can scour the boutiques near you or trustworthy online stores for it, you can sacrifice some of your time to create a quality custom one. This saves time, plus you will spend less money. Making or sewing a sweatshirt is easy when you know what you need to do or get to achieve your desired results.

To make a great sweatshirt, you will have to follow some steps and refrain from making even the slightest mistakes while you are at it.

  1. The first step is choosing the fabric you want for your sweatshirt.
  2. The second step is printing and cutting the pattern pieces.
  3. Then, sew the shoulder seams.
  4. The fourth step is learning how to cut the sweatshirt neck and arms properly as well as sewing all of them in. You must also be extra keen throughout the entire process.

Here are some guides that can be handy when designing your sweatshirt.


How to Cut Sweatshirt Neck?

Cutting the neck of a sweatshirt is pretty easy, and it will only take a few minutes.

  1. The first step is laying it flat on a bed or table.
  2. Then, using a pair of scissors, cut around the collar and make sure that it is an inch from where the seam line is.
  3. If you want the cut edge to roll a little, you can wash the sweatshirt and then wear it.
  4. Should the opening be too small to fit you, remove it, and follow the steps aforementioned to cut another inch off the neck. During this process, do not overcut your sweatshirt because it will always stretch after washing.


How to Cut Sweatshirt Sleeves?

To cut the sleeves of your sweatshirt, start by getting a pair of scissors.

  1. Lay your sweatshirt on a flat surface and a t-shirt, whose arm length you like, over it to make a mark where the t-shirt's sleeves fall on your sweatshirt.
  2. Afterward, cut from the point you marked on one sleeve, and do the same for the other arm.
  3. Remember that this process is irreversible. Hence, if you are afraid that the arm length will be too short, you can leave a longer sleeve because you can always make another cut.


How to Make Sweatshirt Small or Fit?

If your sweatshirt is oversize, you have little to worry about. Making it smaller is something that
you can comfortably accomplish. Luckily, there are different methods to do this, and it is up to you to choose the way that works for you depending on convenience and the sweatshirt's material.
Hot water is applicable when you want to shrink a cotton sweatshirt, but not one that is made
from nylon or rayon. You can begin by washing it in hot water and see how much it shrinks, and if it is not the fit you desire, consider boiling water and your dryer or washing machine. A sewing machine can also come in handy when you want to make a large sweatshirt small. In this method,

  1. The first step is sewing the arm collar's top on both sides to tighten the sweatshirt's neck.
  2. You also have to sew the sides to make the sweatshirt slimmer and do the same for the sleeves.
  3. After you are done, use a pair of scissors to cut off all the extra fabric.

How to Cut a Sweatshirt into A V Neck?

To cut your crew neck sweatshirt into a V neck, you will need a ruler, a seam ripper, and a pair of scissors, pins, threads as well as a sewing machine.

  1. Begin with detaching the front collar on the front side using the seam ripper. Refrain from just ripping the collar off because it can get damaged.
  2. The next step is turning over the sweatshirt, ensuring that it is folded in half all the way down in the middle.
  3. Use your pair of scissors and cut your collar piece in half as well as the V neck shape after measuring it with the ruler.
  4. Do not do it beyond two inches down from the sweatshirt's neck.
  5. Stretching both collar pieces will get them ready for the V neckline.
  6. The next step from there is pinning the collar to the right side of your sweatshirt from the shoulder.
  7. Keep stretching the collar as you move towards the end of the V and do the same for the left side. Sew each side but stop a little before you get to the V's bottom for both sides.
  8. The last step is hand sewing the hanging edge at the end of the V to the collar's backside, but pick up a little fabric so that it doesn't show on the collar's front side.



How to Crop a Sweatshirt?

  1. The first step of cropping a sweatshirt is marking a spot where you want your new hem to be, and you can use a paper clip or a marker pen to do it.
  2. The second step is cutting across the line you marked with your pair of scissors.
  3. Make sure that it's a clean cut to prevent the edge from fraying.



How to Distress a Sweatshirt?

There is no fixed procedure to use to distress a sweatshirt; you only need to know the look you want to achieve.

  1. Start with laying your cloth on a surface.
  2. Then, cut a variety of holes in clusters and at different parts of the sweatshirt.
  3. Lastly, use your fingers to fray the edges of each hole. To get a more fashionable look, pull as many strands as you can.

How to Cut a Sweatshirt off The Shoulder?

Cutting a sweatshirt off the shoulder is effortless, even for beginners.

  1. Firstly, lay the cloth on a flat surface and mark about half an inch from its collar and all around, without moving too far from it at the same time.
  2. Secondly, use a pair of scissors to cut along the line you have made, and that's it.

Making a Sweatshirt without Sleeves?

  1. The first step here is laying the sweatshirt down on the floor, a bed or even a table.
  2. Then, identify how low you want to cut the sleeves off the sweatshirt, and you can mark with a chalk or mark pen.
  3. The last step is using a pair of scissors to cut along the line you have made. Make sure that the sleeves are aligned.

Sewing or making a stylish sweatshirt does not require years of training. All you need is a little creativity and time.


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